Ross Fowler




Ross works for the Justice and Community Safety Directorate as their Inclusion Officer. Ross combines an employment history in government sectors at all levels with experience in the community sector, Ross has also represented his people on boards and committees and also advocate for the rights of gay and lesbian people. Ross has a passionate commitment for reducing the over representation of his people within the criminal justice system, ensuring young people have access to education and protecting the intellectual cultural rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

Directorate Responsibilities

Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate leads the ACT Public Service (ACTPS) and provides strategic advice and support to the Chief Minister, Treasurer, Minister for Economic Development and the Cabinet on policy, financial and economic matters, service delivery and whole of government issues. The Directorate facilitates the implementation of government priorities and drives many new initiatives. Strategic Board Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs subcommittee

Director-General Contact

Ms Kathy Leigh – Head of Service.

Mr David Dawes – Director-General Economic Development Directorate.

Mr David Nicol – Under Treasurer.