Chairperson – Emessage No14, 28 April 2017

Dear Community members

Yesterday the Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs officially notified ATSIEB members of the Caretaker period and today provided a copy of the Caretaker provisions leading up to the next ATSIEB Elections to be run during NAIDOC 2017.  In accordance with the ATSIEB Act 2008, the current ATSIEB Term 3 membership will go into caretaker as of Monday 15 May 2017.  ATSIEB has been issued with Caretaker provisions which outline the following:

During  this period ATSIEB will not be able to access funds to hold events;

  • ATSIEB cannot bind any incoming Elected Body or limit an incoming Elected Body’s freedom of action;
  • ATSIEB members would not generally take meetings as ATSIEB representatives with ACT Government or other stakeholders during this period, with the exception where the ACT Government requests urgent advice.

I have attached for your convenience the full transcript of the Caretaker Provisions which will also be posted onto the ATSIEB website

If you have specific questions regarding the ATSIEB Elections and the process please contact the ACT Electoral Commission on 6205 00 33 or would like to hear your feedback by forwarding an email to or calling the Secretariat on 02 6205 2551.

 Ross Fowler Chairperson

ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body

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