eMessage ATSIEB Chairperson – 27 August 2021

Yuma Community members. This is my first message as the newly elected Chairperson for the ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Body (ATSIEB). I would like to begin by acknowledging the fabulous work being undertaken by our essential workers and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community organisations . Your dedication to your roles and your

Chairpersons – Emessage No 16, 27 February 2018

Dear Community members Since my last e-message I wanted to update you up on some recent developments that the Elected Body have been working on over the last few months such as the upcoming ACT Elected Body Hearings and preparation for Community Consultations as outlined below: ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body Hearings

Chairperson – Emessage No14, 28 April 2017

Dear Community members Yesterday the Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs officially notified ATSIEB members of the Caretaker period and today provided a copy of the Caretaker provisions leading up to the next ATSIEB Elections to be run during NAIDOC 2017.  In accordance with the ATSIEB Act 2008, the current ATSIEB Term 3