MEDIA RELEASE: Stop! Enough is Enough.


24 August 2017

Stop! Enough is Enough.

Care and Protection at Alexander Maconochie Centre

Today the ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body is seeking answers into the care and protection afforded two Aboriginal detainees in the AMC following reports of their vicious bashing earlier this month.

We represent to Government the voice of our people, and today, we say in unity with them – Stop! Enough is Enough!

The Elected Body Chairperson, Katrina Fanning, believes:

“It is right and proper for our community to expect that when our people enter the AMC they will be protected from assaults and receive support and medical care as soon as it is required”.

“The events earlier this month show us that more than 12 months after the tragic loss of Steven Freemen these basic rights are not guaranteed for our people in that place!”.

“We will be seeking through the appropriate channels answers as to how well the processes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander detainees were followed, whether the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander support services were informed at all and how long it took for these men’s designated contacts to be informed of the incidents and their welfare”.

The Elected Body also believe it is vital that the authorities, including the police, be open and transparent about the steps they have taken to meet their responsibilities.

Many people in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community have met the Govern-ment more than half way, from the Deaths in Custody Review and related findings many years ago, through to the Moss Review. They have provided solutions repeatedly and of-fered to assist in making real change in this area.

Preventative and proactive solutions are available, and we want to know how they are being used, if at all.

The entire Elected Body are committed to improving conditions for our people at the AMC and will pursue all avenues available to us in this regard. We acknowledge the work of the Official Visitor, also Winnunga Nimmityjah and the Aboriginal Legal Service among many, for the work they are doing in this space. The Elected Body will continue to advocate on their behalf for the changes that are essential to prevent another Aboriginal Death in Custody.

Interviews available.

Media Contact: Chairperson Katrina Fanning Mob. 0434 868 361

17 08 24 Media Release – Stop! Enough is Enough Care and Protection at AMC