Jacob Keed




I am Jacob Neville Pierce Keed, proud Wiradjuri Tubbah Gah and Kamilaroi man. I was born in Woden Hospital on the 12th November 1991. I am 25 years old. I have lived in Canberra most of my life and call Canberra home.


I have a varied range of passions that drive me to what I do every day. They are:

  • Family and friends
  • Healthy work and personal life
  • Social Inclusion
  • Ensuring relationships between all and myself are respectful and cared for
  • The Reconciliation movement
  • Historical books
  • Music
  • Sport


I work in ACT Government at Transport Canberra and City Services. While working in Government for the past 2 years I have worked at the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Bus service and now working in Procurement learning different aspects and government processes.


During my time in the Public Service I have learnt how Government operates and still growing my knowledge day by day. I have learnt how I can really help care for my community and that is to learn how Government operates, and at the same time build the understanding between community and the ACT Government to ensure everybody is heard and understood.


Focus: My main focus is ensuring opportunities, respect and relationships are created and maintained between all Australian, Aboriginal, and Torres Strait Islander people.

I will do this action by negotiating to all stakeholders within community and ACT Government to carry out what needs to be done for the better future of our community here in the ACT and surrounding regions.

  • Hopefully one day I can do more for this country but first I want this community to achieve obtaining
  • Opportunities, regarding to employment, training, culture and cultural respect;
  • Relationships, regarding to community, government and personal;
  • Respect, regarding cultural respect and understanding between all Australian, Aboriginal, and Torres Strait Islander people.