Members update

Over the last 3 months, Members Blackman and House have resigned from the Elected Body. We would like to thank Ms Blackman and Ms House for their advocacy and committed work in the Elected Body on behalf of our community, particularly within their portfolio areas. We wish them both the best in their next endeavours and their future contributions to the community.

Following a recount of votes by the ACT Electoral Office due to Ms Blackman’s resignation we would also like to welcome Jacob Keed to the Elected Body. This is Member Keed’s second term with the Elected Body and so we anticipate he will quickly make a positive contribution to the Elected Body and his portfolio areas which will be confirmed shortly.

We have informed ACT Elections and the appropriate procedures will be followed for a new member to be engaged in the Elected Body following Ms House’s resignation. We will inform the community when that process has concluded and we are able to introduce the new member of the Elected Body.

Media contact

ATSIEB Secretariat

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Media release

03 April 2023


Acknowledgement of Country


The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body acknowledges the traditional custodians of Canberra, and those who have made it their home. We celebrate their ongoing culture and contribution to the ACT and surrounding regions.